1. How The AVACEN 100 Works

When the hand, enclosed in a special patented mitt, is placed inside the vacuum chamber, the microprocessor manages the application of negative pressure and heat to safely increase the temperature and volume of blood flowing through the high volume AVA’s. It is important to note that the application of heat without negative pressure is ineffective.

2. Heat

Infusing heat into the circulatory system reduces blood thickness (viscosity) and increases microcirculation. Thinner blood facilitates more efficient flow through the skeletal muscles on its route to the smaller vasodilated capillaries (microvascular circulation) which the body uses to radiate the excess ATM produced heat into the cooler ambient air.


3. Microcirculation Boost

An increase in microcirculation enhances oxygen delivery and nutrition to the skeletal muscles while carrying away toxins. The result… healthier, more relaxed muscles throughout the entire body.


FDA-Cleared and CE Mark Approved OTC Non-Invasive Medical Device


Put your hand in this futuristic looking muscle relaxing machine, which is about the size of a bread box, for 15 minutes and some really great things may happen. Pain dissipates, that foggy shroud disappears and joints move more freely. For many; eyelids become heavy, stress fades and some people actually fall asleep.

Profoundly Changes Pain Treatment

Over the last 2 years, AVACEN Medical has been awarded 3 U.S. and 8

International patents for its unique apparatus and methods that support its

innovative medical process called The AVACEN Treatment Method (ATM).


With over 4,000 programmed operating system instructions, the AVACEN device manages the noninvasive and safe continued infusion of heat into the circulatory system. It does so by taking advantage of a unique arrangement of blood vessels called the arteriovenous anastomosis (AVA’s) in the palm of the hand. The AVA’s act as the body’s radiator to dump excess heat. ATM manipulates the AVA’s so they can be used as a portal to infuse heat into the circulatory system. When dilated and distended by ATM, blood flow through an AVA can be 1,000 times more than the smaller capillary.


The warmed reduced viscosity blood is rapidly circulated naturally to all the organs and muscle tissues. In other words, wherever blood flows, enhanced oxygen delivery and nutrition occurs. Increasing the core body temperature is hypothesized to enhance enzyme* function for those with low core body temperature.

* Enzymes are large molecules, usually proteins, responsible for the thousands of chemical reactions that sustain life. Without proper enzyme function at the correct temperature, these chemical reactions will either take place too sluggishly, or not at all. Therefore it is absolutely critical to have normalized core body temperature for good health.


Developed to support ATM; the AVACEN 100 is an FDA-Cleared and CE Mark Approved (EU) class II OTC medical device. It is the world’s only noninvasive medical device that allows patients to systemically treat themselves from a single convenient treatment point (their palm) in the privacy of their home. Several clinical studies have produced scientifically significant results:

STUDY: AVACEN Treatment Method (ATM)
Conducted by The Department of Veterans Affairs & The University of California, San Diego
RESULTS: A statistically significant reduction in widespread pain.

STUDY: Cardiovascular Effects of ATM Heat/Negative Pressure
Conducted by San Diego State University
RESULTS: A statistically significant reduction in “Mean Arterial Pressure”.

Experience the future of pain relief.


AVACEN 100 Summary


The AVACEN 100 is the answer for many people who need or prefer a cost-effective, easy to use, drug-free alternative for muscle relaxation to reduce pain which might be associated with a variety of acute medical conditions.

  • Users put their hand inside the AVACEN 100 vacuum chamber and rest it on a pad heated to about 108 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 – 30 minutes.

  • Over 4 Million treatments have been completed without adverse events.

  • Treatment can be comfortably self-administered in the privacy of the user’s home.

  • A single machine can be used by the entire family or multiple patients in a clinic.


Intended Use & Indications


U.S. FDA-Clearance: The AVACEN 100 is a non-invasive class II medical device that is cleared by the FDA as a heat therapy system indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains; muscular relaxation; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.

E.U. CE Mark Approval: A heat therapy system indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains; the temporary relief of widespread pain associated with fibromyalgia; muscular relaxation; and the temporary increase of microcirculation.

IMPORTANT: The AVACEN 100 is not for sale in the U.S. or E.U. for any non-cleared or non-approved indications. For more details on Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions, please view the AVACEN 100 User Guide.